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The stairs in our modern staircase range are designed and constructed with a number of innovative support structures. We have steel structure stairs with steel stringers cut in various shapes, and modern versions of traditional timber staircases with floating stairs treads.

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How Much Does a Staircase Cost in Sydney?

In all kinds of homes and outdoor spaces, stairs are the ideal way to easily connect two levels. Constructing stairs, as well as railings or handrails, needs to be done perfectly in order to be a safe and attractive addition to your home. Use this guide to see the average costs and what factors can influence the total price of the project.

Whether you’re building a brand new home or remodeling an existing staircase, it’s important to have a rough idea of the various elements involved. Since building a staircase is a big job, it’s important that you budget properly. Trying to ascertain the exact price for your space is not easy, and there are several factors that can influence the price.

Nonetheless, the average staircase cost in Sydney is $3,100, with most homeowners paying between $3,200 and $5,000. Of course, there are interior stairs and exterior stairs. Since interior stairs generally consist of more steps, they’re typically more expensive than exterior stairs. Breaking it down even further, interior stairs include stairs leading to the second floor, basement stairs and attic stairs.

The main staircase catches your eye as soon as you walk into the home. The design demands attention and as such, typically costs more than any other interior staircase.

Basement Staircases

Most people don’t give too much thought to their basement stairs. In fact, some don’t add padding or paint.

Attic Staircases:

Even less expensive are attic stairs. They generally drop from the ceiling and are thin, but strong pieces of wood. The cost to install attic stairs should not exceed $1,000. Exterior stairs do not cost as much as interior stairs, but they do come with more red tape.

How Much Do Staircase Designs Cost?

If you’re considering adding exterior stairs, check with your local housing department for specifications before any construction begins. Nonetheless, it helps knowing the different types of exterior stairs, each of which should not cost more than $300 per stair:

Patio Stairs

These steps should be at least 4′ wide to allow two people to stroll comfortably beside each other and even pause to sit on the patio steps.

Deck Stairs

Generally made of wood or composite, you usually don’t need more than three or four deck stairs. If you use a different material than your deck, maintenance times double.

Porch Stairs

No exterior staircase is more visible than your porch stairs. Since it gets more attention, homeowners often install brick or stone steps for their exterior entry.

The Process of Building a Staircase

More often than not, the type of stairs you’re adding determines the material. For example, you wouldn’t install stone steps leading up to your wood deck. It just doesn’t make sense. However, it pays to know all options, and their costs, when it comes to staircase materials: Wood: Hardwood is the most popular material for all staircase design Sydney.

In addition, you have numerous choices when it comes to type of wood. Concrete: More common for exterior stairs, concrete is very strong and can take a beating in colder climates. Needless to say, they work well with concrete patios. Metal: You don’t see metal stairs often, but when you do, it’s usually for a spiraling staircase.

Stone: If you want an upscale design, stone steps could be your answer. Stone is only used for exterior stairs, but there are many types available, each with identifiable benefits and drawbacks. Wood $36 to $51 Concrete $300 Metal $196 Stone $150 Before you bring in professional contractors to install your new staircase, you may need to demolish existing stairs.

As such, the average cost to demolish stairs can get up to $2,000 alone. While you may be able to help in order to cut costs, demolishing is best left to those who know which pieces of framing are load-bearing and which can go. It’s also important to remember that anytime you remove and demolish parts of the home, you have to come back and install drywall and paint wherever the existing space was damaged.

Besides material, in terms of design, you also have to determine your staircase style. The more space you have, the more staircase styles you have available. Luckily, most homeowners have the choice of nine different staircase styles. In terms of cost, more complicated designs (like spiral or helical) cost more.

They may or may not include a railing, but if you have small children, you better add one. Straight stairs are very common with traditional home designs. It’s the least expensive style. U-Shaped: These stairs offer more privacy for the second story. If a home doesn’t have enough space for straight staircases, they generally go with U- or L-shaped staircases.

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