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Spiral stair handrails 316 Stainless handrails at Civardi Funiture showroom entrance all custom rolled and fabricated on site

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We are fully insured and have over 20 years experience, JS Balustrading has become the Sydney’s leading specialist manufacturer of bespoke staircases & spiral staircases.

Whatever style you have in mind, we will create the bespoke staircase that is just right for you.

We design and build spiral staircase railing in all types of shapes and sizes, offering a full project management and design service for the retail sector, brand new developments and commercial properties.

Get in touch with our friendly team of experts who will be happy to provide staircase design ideas and quote for your project.

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Click any of the photos below to see a full sized image to see examples of how we creatively integrate spiral staircase design with superior results.


What dimensions do I need to start my spiral staircase job?

The main measurement that you will want to know  construct a spiral staircase is the finished floor to finished floor elevation. Each stair is custom built in Sydney, to fit your space and a precise floor to floor height is the first step to beginning your project.

How should I pick a spiral stair diameter?

Diameter can be described as a straight line going through the middle of a circle connecting two points on the circumference. To put it differently, once we ask you what diameter you'd like for your staircase what we're really asking is, How wide do you want your spiral stair to be?

How high can an spiral staircase go for my Sydney home?
JS Balustrading our spiral stairs are designed to match your floor to floor height. There's absolutely not any limit to the height it is possible to go. Steps and stairs must now comply with the Building Code of Australia

How much can a spiral staircase cost me?
When customers are thinking of buying a spiral stair, their first thought is often "How much does a spiral stair cost?" Spiral staircases are frequently associated with grand entrances and costly spaces. But, there are plenty of designs that fit into a wide range of budgets.

Are spiral stairs legal in Sydney?
Yes!  All JS Balustrading stairs comply with the Building Codes of Australia. 

What are the different types of spiral staircases?
Spiral stairs can fit into two important categories: indoor and outdoor designs. Among the first questions our stair designers will ask is if the stair is moving inside or out. If you stair is going indoors, we would like you to have a stair that not only matches your space requirements, but also a stair that's aesthetically appealing.

Are spiral Staircases noisy?
Not the JS Balustrading spiral staircases! Perfectly fitted parts and soft tread pads create the spiral stair silent.


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